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Gone are the days when the only way to enjoy Sports was Live TV. There is now a clear demand from digital-addicted audiences for new ways to enjoy Live Sports, and for a more immersive real time experience in the life of their favorite clubs and athletes. Sports Rights Holders are keen to capture this new audience, increase their fans engagement, and make the most out of it.
But do they have the right tool to be able to innovate with new Live experiences, and to produce, publish and monetize larger amounts of meaningful and attractive content?
In fact, there is an enormous gap between manual professional video editorial processes and the split-second pace of social media and mobile consumption. Clips from last night’s game will be lost or never viewed nor valued.
Immediacy is a must; Automation, your solution.


1 Create a brand new digital Live fan experience

Fans increasingly expect to receive the best content they want to see, immediately and without any time lapse. But when you have hundreds of actions per match, it’s just impossible to manually clip and edit large amounts of content to satisfy viewers' demands and publish on their preferred platform.

Discover our brand new solution : Wildmoka Sports Studio.

It is the only video cloud platform capable to automatically detect, extract and publish real time clips during a live transmission.

2 Unleash the talent of your editorial team to produce more quality content; get rid of unprofitable clipping tasks !

As outlined above, content quantity and immediacy are keys. But the quality and differentiation are still required. Give your team the keys to differentiate your content and to tell stories the right way in the right place.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Giphy or Twitch ... all require some specific format and finesse in storytelling. Social platforms all have their own code; vertical, 16:9 or square,  our platform automatically adapts your content to the format destination.

Providing your team with the right workflow automation helps them do a better job with managing the speed and volume of instant content creation and delivery.

3 Multiply your monetization opportunities

Social media is dramatically increasing its role in content monetization. Today, 400 hours of videos are published each minute on Facebook, meaning 600,000 hours in 24H! Be part of it! Take your share! Now that you’ve got all the keys to increase your video production, Wildmoka Sports Studio provides you with the keys to boost your revenue opportunities. Thanks to post and pre-roll, branded content and dynamic transitions, Sports studio allows you to take advantage of the best monetization options through YouTube, Facebook Handshake and Twitter Amplify.