bref. CANAL a 30 ans. Built by Wildmoka.

Posted by Cristian Livadiotti on Jul 18, 2018 4:09:41 PM


We deployed for CANAL+ 30 years anniversary, with "bref" (a famous French serie) a revolutionary personalised video creation platform called "le générateur". Capable of generating instantly millions of random / personalised videos, the platform very quickly demonstrated a successful mariage between personalised content and social media.


1 million in 3 days!

Massively relayed by consumer press and very heavy traffic in social networks, more than 1 million videos were generated by end users in just 3 days, after reaching 200.000 in a couple of hours.


Successful mariage of top-notch technology and awesome content

Built on our solution "Moments Share", we used unique multi-screen video distribution, instant video generation and heavy scaling technologies to build a perfect, strong and unlimitedly scalable user experience, at the service of awesome content.

And plus it was fun!!

Thanks @brefserie, @canalplus, @kyank, @navo_ and @harrytordjman for this awesome experience!

Go and give the experience a try:


Read about it in the consumer press.

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