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To continue on our sports road, a part of our team will attend the Sportel Monaco from October 24th to 27th in Monaco. Sportel is in Europe one of the must-attend convention for sports marketing and media industry leaders.

Wildmoka sportel 2016

In facts, sports TV audiences are massively turning to mobile, web and social TV where variety, immediacy, ability to share, and brevity are key. At the same time, viewership becomes highly fragmented, driven by the desire to experience content that closely match their preferences.

In the  new digital era, and especially in Sports, immediacy and speed of content availability for consumption as well as personalization and control over viral distribution are vital. And the production has to be low cost in line with the current digital business models.

This is the reason why our core focus is on Automation, and every aspect of the workflow simplification that can support Rights Holders in their effort to immediately and easily deliver content to their fans whichever device or tool they are using.  These innovations translate into turnaround times of seconds unlike any other solution in the market!


During this event we will showcase our Moments solution :

  • Moments Studio Professional is a “off-the-shelf” solution and is targeting Rights Holders such as Leagues, Clubs, … who are looking for an easy to implement and easy to use solution, to clip and publish content to standard Online Video Platforms and social media,
  • Moments Studio Enterprise provides both workflow integration, and 3 levels of Automation (automated clipping, automated publishing to multiple destinations, automated highlights), in addition to DRM protection
  • Moments Share is designed for End-users, and provides Right Owners/Holders with the ability to offer their fans direct clipping and social sharing of their content

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