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Posted by Matthieu Loreille on Mar 24, 2020 8:25:13 PM


Learn how Wildmoka helps you optimize your remote digital video production.

There are many ways Wildmoka can support your remote
digital video production during home confinement


Wildmoka customers being spread across the News and Sports media industries, we see very different impact of the outbreak on those 2 verticals.

  • On the News side, traffic and activity are actually increasing. This is not surprising given the circumstances – there has been a massive rise in news consumption on every single channel right around the world. With many editors forced to work from home, maintaining continuity of service is more challenging than ever. How can editors continue working from home while the resources they need to access are normally available in the office?

  • On the Sports side, we see an interesting paradox emerge with billions of people stuck at home all day long. Many will inevitably get bored of only watching news related to the spread of the pandemic – unsurprisingly, they will be craving alternative sources of entertainment. However, with almost all sports events suspended, there is a total lack of new content. As a result, we see many broadcasters turning their efforts to re-purposing archived content and creating remotely-produced talk shows. It’s also important to remember that the coronavirus ‘tunnel’ will eventually end – and there will be a surge in new Sports content when governments permit competitions to start again. This will create conflicts in linear programming, boosting the need for scalable infrastructure, popup channels and near-live non-linear digital content.

At Wildmoka, our mission is to help you entertain viewers more than ever - and keep audiences from opening their Netflix accounts!

Here are 5 ways that Wildmoka helps your remote digital video production teams to continue being productive during confinement.




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Use-Case 1: Boost your Remote Video Production | #EditorsAtHome

Applicable to: News and Sports broadcasters

The challenge: Many content broadcasters and publishers still require staff to travel to offices to edit content because video editing suites only work on local servers. However, this puts those employees at risk.

The solution: With the Wildmoka cloud-based solution, video content producers/editors can work from anywhere. All they need is a laptop and an internet connection to start producing and publishing content on digital OTT and Social Media. No specific on-site hardware is required.

And there are a number of good benefits:

  • No VPN is required and a low speed internet connection is enough. This is because the HD video content remains in Wildmoka and editors only view and edit the content remotely without having to download it at home. When publishing new content, the created video is sent in HD from Wildmoka and not from the editor's low speed home internet connection.
  • Wildmoka customers can add as many users (seats) as they need. There is no limit of users included and it’s part of every Wildmoka license. Whether you have 10 editors or 100 – they can all produce content just as seamlessly as they would at the office. Each user’s ‘permissions’ can be configured to restrict their access to predefined content and publishing destinations. This gives you the same amount of control over publishing that you would have in your regular office.
  • There is no limit to the number of clips/highlights generated and posted – so you can keep sharing news and entertainment with your audiences however long the crisis lasts. Be ready to face a change of your audience composition: much higher number of young audience being reachable all-day long, which means an increased focus on social media, youngster-oriented end points.
  • Wildmoka is easy to use – editors can be trained remotely to use the tool in just an hour.

UC1 Remote Video Edition 2

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Use-Case 2: Add New Live Streams & File Ingest Sources

Applicable to: News and Sports broadcasters

The crisis is going to have a big impact on current TV programming productions – many dramas, sports and entertainment shows are being put on hold. This means that a growing proportion of TV will come from live streams or re-purposed archive content. Broadcasters must find ways to adapt to this major shift. 

Live Streams

For customers who still have some on-premise live video production tools and who wish to move them to Wildmoka because their editors need to work from home, the good news is that it can be done remotely and immediately. You only need to start sending the live feeds to Wildmoka and your editors will immediately be able to work on them. Remote training of your editors can be done in an hour.

UC 2 Adding Ingest Streams

New Video Files Sources

With live sports, music events and other entertainment postponed indefinitely, an obvious backup solution to maintain interesting programs is to re-purpose previously stored content. Whether it’s a mash-up of famous football matches over the decades, incredible concerts or funny clips from old TV shows, there’s nothing stopping your editors from being productive while working remotely.

For customers who would like to reuse archived videos (whether transient or more archived content), it is possible to connect external media storage sources to Wildmoka, to remotely browse them and to upload the desired video or video extracts in order to edit and published them to digital. UC 2 Adding File Sources

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Use-Case 3: Shoot New Video Content From Home

Applicable to: News and Sports broadcasters

The challenge: With more of your journalists, presenters or experts working from home or in quarantine, creating fresh content could become a serious headache.

The solution: Wildmoka allows you to easily ingest video streams filmed from home. This opens up a huge range of possibilities for creating new content, with your workforce producing content from home. This will allow for a large variety of content types, including: interviews with experts; weather forecasts; cooking classes; guidance on self-isolation; tips for entertaining kids during lock-down; and so much more!

This content can be streamed live to any digital destination using Wildmoka or can also be used to create any form of short content (highlights, mashups).

The setup to ingest home streams to the Wildmoka platform is simple and immediate.

  • Your talent (the experts for example) can use a simple smartphone with a 4G connection and a little free App that will direct the live stream footage to Wildmoka.
  • Or content can be filmed in full HD 1080p 50fps with HD cameras and possibly with a home studio for more sophisticated content (a good internet speed is required such as a Fiber one).

In either case, the RTMP stream can be easily sent to the Wildmoka platform and edited by remote editors to create and publish live shows and short form contents.

UC 3 Home Video Shooting

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Use-Case 4: Avoid overload when play resumes

Applicable to: Sports broadcasters

The challenge: We are currently facing a global sports competition freeze – almost all events are either being cancelled or postponed. But, looking forward, a new problem will arise when all these competitions resume, creating a competition congestion situation for sports broadcasters.

UC4 Competition Restart

The solution: Wildmoka can help broadcasters to address problems such as:

  1. Lack of editorial resources to deal with the sudden surge in content

The Wildmoka StoryBot creates and automatically publishes any form of content such as highlights of the key moments of the game, match summaries, ‘best of’ reels about players and more. Editors can design the type of story they want to tell and the StoryBot does the rest automatically. Hence, many more games can be properly covered with a guaranteed level of quality.

  1. Too many games, not enough TV channels

When running short of linear TV slots, a common solution is to offload the live event to digital OTT platforms. This can be on the broadcaster’s internal OTT platform and/or on social media. Wildmoka has extensive experience in Live digital offloading, which means you’ll be able to meet demand as sports events start scaling up again.

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Use-Case 5: Emergency Broadcasting Workflow

Wildmoka is currently working with a number of its customers in order to implement some emergency video production and distribution workflows for digital and linear broadcasting.

Please contact Wildmoka to explore an emergency broadcasting flow solution with one of our architects.

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