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SnappyTV's impending shutdown - How Wildmoka can help.

When Twitter announced last week it was officially ending SnappyTV, it should not have been a shock since many people expected this was a foregone conclusion after Twitter acquired SnappyTV.  For clients who still rely on Snappy for live clipping & publishing, however, there are some big changes about the replacement service Twitter will offer (LiveCut).  We've reviewed the FAQs, and you should too because some of these changes by Twitter could significantly impact your live clipping workflow.  We love Twitter, by the way, and several of us at Wildmoka worked at SnappyTV before and after the acquisition.  

We'll talk here about three changes we believe are important to most content publishers, and the focus will be on workflow and publishing.  

Publishing only to Twitter

Publish everywhere (1)

The original promise of SnappyTV was to get video clips as quickly as possible to as many destinations as possible, to ensure your biggest moments reached the biggest audiences.

 Now, Twitter's LiveCut will only allow you to publish content directly to Twitter, which seems a good business decision for Twitter.  Unfortunately, this means for you as a client, your video clip workflow goes backwards and becomes less efficient.  If you want to publish clips made by LiveCut, you'll have to manually download each clip, then upload and publish to other sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc.  When breaking news happens, be it news, sports or entertainment, every second matters and the race to win eyeballs and audience requires speed to all digital and social channels, not just Twitter.  At Wildmoka, our philosophy is clients should be able to clip and publish as much content as possible to as many channels as possible, as quickly as possible, simultaneously, with one click of a button.  We do publish automatically and instantly to Twitter but not only to Twitter. 


No export to custom CMS

Publish to CMS

For many clients, pushing clips and reels to their own CMS is as critical as fast clip & publish to social and digital sites.  In fact, most of our clients require publishing to a CMS as part of their content security protocols.  As with the rather archaic, manual download/upload process noted above, not having the ability to also publish to a custom CMS or endpoint is less efficient.  It also creates room for error and missing content, as editors will need to remember to upload to yet one more place.  This a lot to ask of a person who is trying to get breaking news out quickly, and that is why at Wildmoka, we maintain publishing to CMS and other critical 3rd party destinations.


Support for downloading only 720p clips


With advances in digital media leading to higher-quality video, the rendition quality of your clips is now almost as important as the speed of which they are available.  Most content publishers now require at least 1080p for their digital video, some are even going higher.   Again, this seems a good business decision for Twitter because it costs more money to output higher renditions.  But it may not be good for your business if you need more than a 720p clip.  Many of Wildmoka's clients use our platform to publish in multiple renditions, not just 720p or 1080p, which enables all content to render correctly on multiple different destinations. 


These are three items in the "SnappyTV -> LiveCut Transition" FAQs which we think require consideration and review by any clients still using SnappyTV.  It may be some clients only need or care most about Twitter, and we believe Twitter is and always has been a wonderful destination for breaking news.  We know first-hand that most clients also want their content to appear simultaneously on other, larger sites such as Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion, Instagram, etc.  

In the early days of SnappyTV, we had a saying which was "clip once, publish everywhere, almost instantly."  This is the same mantra we follow now at Wildmoka because more than ever, in social & digital, every second matters. 

If you have questions about how Wildmoka can help improve your workflow, or are considering alternatives in light of Twitter's "new" LiveCut, please give us a call or get a demo clicking below.


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