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At Wildmoka, we don’t think of Customer Success Management as a limited part of a client lifecycle. To us, it doesn’t just mean to simply help a customer get up and running at first, to save them from churning later.

Rather, we think of our customers as an intrinsic part of our story and we take their requirements as a guidance to help us continuously progress in the vast digital world. 

In order to illustrate that, let’s take a walk in the shoes of a Wildmoka client and present how we aim for their customer journey to unfold, from pre-sales to trial, to onboarding and day-to-day support.

The discovery

You’re in touch with a lovely Moka Sales person. You have been looking for a digital production platform to monetize your content, create new broadcast formats, and be the fastest one to provide your fans with near-live highlights. You might have a large editorial team that you would like to connect in the Cloud and just give them the right content creation tool to allow them to go faster. Or, you might have a specific event in mind to which you can only dedicate one or two team members and you would need some automated workflows.

It might take a couple of calls – please be patient, we’re trying to find out what would be just right for you. You know, Wildmoka might have started as a clipping tool but now it’s so much more – we do live streaming, automation, audio editing…

Once we establish your need and we are confident we can help you reach your goals, your designated Customer Success Managers will get involved in the discussion.

This will help them prepare for the next step: a tailored demo of the tool to show you how it could be seamlessly integrated in your existing process.
Moreover, if you had any specific workflow requests, they will check with our R&D team if it would be possible to include them in our short-term roadmap.

Go Wild trying out the tool

Once your need has been defined and we both agree that we could work together, you get to try the tool (for free!). Our purpose is to provide you with the brick that falls perfectly into your live content workflow.

Go Wild: create your own gallery with your brand’s graphical assets, set up templates and publish as much as you can. If you have any questions, just ping your dedicated CSM.

Don’t hesitate to be curious and click around - it’s very user-friendly, we promise. Take it from our customers, here is what Raphaël Ouaknine, Head of Digital of i24NEWS, told us:

“The reason we chose Wildmoka is how intuitive we found the interface was to use. We had a branding need and we were looking for a solution that could be implemented quickly and used mostly for news publishing on Facebook. It worked wonders for us and, internally we started calling Wildmoka “the Hootsuite of video platforms” because it really helped us become much more efficient in content creation & distribution than we used to be with our previous tools. It’s rare to work with people who not only just listen to you, but also really understand your need as a customer.”

The onboarding

We hope that by this point you will be convinced that Wildmoka can help you ramp up digital content creation and you see how it could be easily tuned to any editorial requirement and adapted to any kind of storytelling.

By this time, you already know your CSM and your CSM knows you. During this stage, we would usually help you set-up your tenant. This would typically include:

  • Finalizing stream ingestion, defining publishing renditions and destination
  • Integration of an internal CMS our CDN you would be publishing to
  • Helping you define user profiles
  • Making sure you have your gallery & templates set up
  • Scheduling a training session with your team and setting up a regular follow-up call

Working with Wildmoka on a daily basis

As mentioned earlier in the blog post, there is someone at Wildmoka dedicated to your project. He or she will keep you up to date with the latest added features, will share tips and tricks on how to make the best out of the tool and can also help with the onboarding of new people arriving to your team. If you are experiencing any issues with the platform, if there’s anything you dislike or particularly like, please let them know and they will pass the feedback over.

Also, if the need arises, your editorial team could get in touch with us directly through the platform as there is a chat bubble available at all times. Of course, we have an email ticketing system in place as well as a phone hotline and even a premium 24/7 customer service if necessary.

Moreover, our tool is alive and it is enhanced with new features every two weeks. The new functionalities fall into two categories: latest digital trends and customer requirements, the proportion being about 50-50. Consequently, if you have any specific demands for features that you believe would make your life easier, ask away! Your CSM will be the one interfacing with the R&D team to explain your need, provide you with some time expectations and make sure it gets done just in a way useful for you.

About the daily contact with Wildmoka and integration requests, we spoke with Ed Pearson, Digital Services Manager at ITF:

“Once I mentioned during a weekly catch-up that I would like to be able to classify my clips in folders. It was not a feature we absolutely needed, we just thought it would be something nice to have. I was really surprised when, a couple of weeks later, Brice told me that the workflow optimization I requested was already available,” Ed commented.
“When we were in process of selecting a vendor, we compared different solutions. To be honest, in the beginning for us it all came down to choosing a clipping tool,” he continued.
“What tilted the balance towards Wildmoka is the fact that we saw that the product was changing regularly, constantly improving, the team was flexible with all our requests and we really enjoyed the collaboration during the trial period. Everything was made very easy for us as customers and we really appreciated that. Now, we have been working together for a year on a project basis and I’m confident we made the right choice – it’s all about ROI as well and using this tool revolutionized how we do promotion. Video is the most engaging form of content and for sure the engagement metrics are coming from Wildmoka.”


The Dream CSM team 

Brice Orsaud
Head of CSM & Solution Delivery
Andy Fineberg
CSM for North America & APAC
Julia Palandri
CSM for LATAM & Southern Europe
Angélique Delibero
CSM for Western Europe & Nordics
Brice Orsaud Head of CSM-2 Andy Fineberg NORAM-1 Julia Palandri CSM-1 Agelique Delibero CSM-1

If you go with Wildmoka, here’s what you can expect:
  1. A Customer Success Manager dedicated to your project: your very own bridge to the Moka R&D team in order to achieve a seamless integration with, or maybe an enhancement of your current workflow.
  2. Honesty about our roadmap. We'll be clear about when and how to expect new features and if we would be able to integrate your requests.
  3. We’ll take the time to train you and explain to you how to use the tool in the most efficient way and we will be permanently updating our documentation for you.

  4. We’ll always do our best. We can’t promise a perpetual smooth sailing but rest assured that we will deploy best efforts to make you happy. That’s why we provide 24/7 customer support when needed.

  5. We’ll be there - your editorial team works hard to generate great content and so do we. If you have a query, you’ll get an answer in 24h maximum.

    We’re always looking for better ways

    Your feedback helps us grow and get better every day. If you have any ideas on how we could provide you with a better service, please get in touch with us!