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How nine Tier-1 news broadcasters used social video to tell the story of the 2020 US Election

It was the most dramatic story of our time. Audiences around the world were glued to their screens during the vote, the count and the aftermath of 2020’s US Election.

But how did broadcasters keep viewers informed about each twist and turn of this incredible spectacle?

In Wildmoka’s exclusive analysis, you will find out how. Our research studies the social video strategies of nine major news broadcasters who posted thousands of videos and received over 1 billion views in just 3.5 days.

Download the report to learn:

  • What strategies different broadcasters took,
  • How live streams and clips were used,
  • Which kinds of content performed best,
  • Who produced the most content,
  • How different social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) were used.


Download the Case Study