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funmouthmwbgWildmoka is a fresh born startup focusing on second screen (or companion screen) services and applications – those services which enrich televisual experience through the screen of your mobile phone or tablet. We’re based in Sophia Antipolis, in beautiful South of France.

Our core team has grown a double expertise through years of common experience: mobile with a clear focus on perfect user experience, and infrastructure, with years of expertise building highly available, largely scalable telco grade infrastructures. We are additionally all passionate of new technologies, and getting a regain interest to watch television :)

We are currently hardening the first version of our platform, a SaaS infrastructure, which allows to enrich live television content through  3 dimensions:  informative, interactive, and social.

As we’re just getting started on administrative stuff (but we are very advanced technology wise), we can’t communicate everything here – to be sure you’ll be aware of the news, register to our newsletter or contact us directly for a face to face discussion, below or in our contact section.