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They say time flies when you’re having fun!

It’s been a fantastic 2018 for all of us here at Wildmoka, and the year has flown by. September is already round the corner, and we’re all busy preparing yet another IBC in Amsterdam!

At Wildmoka we’re always hard at work pushing the envelope and building the next-gen live video clipping, and social publishing platform that enables sports rights holders to address new market demand, launch new content monetization models and increase user engagement and participation across digital channels.

At IBC 2018 we’ll be announcing new exciting features to our Wildmoka flagship platform that will give broadcasters and rights owners even more power and versatility when editing and sharing clips. To this end, we are pleased to announce three significant new improvements:

  • Audio editing: Users will now be able to add graphic elements to an audio clip in Wildmoka, just as if it were a video file. This ability to edit sound in real-time means customers can download the audio separately to use in different scenarios, such as in podcasts
  • Advanced indexing with OCR (optimized character recognition): users will be able to search the timeline among the text overlays of a stream and Closed Captions search for textual based moments
  • Improved analytics: Wildmoka will provide customized dashboards and aggregated views from social networks to help end users find out which videos perform the best 

Our CEO Cristian Livadiotti explained the strategy behind these innovations:

“Real-time video clipping is booming across the sports and entertainment sector, and we’ve seen a huge demand for these services. Moreover, as this kind of editing and publishing becomes more widely used, we know audiences will want more powerful editing and publishing tools too”.

Besides providing a complete set of tools for editing content and understanding how it is used, these innovations will also allow content providers to enhance their offerings too. Cristian continues:

“We’re always excited – and often surprised – to see how our clients and their customers end up using our tools. By providing them with more power to edit and create content, we know they will do some amazing things”.

To get a taste for how these new tools and features will be deployed, visit the Wildmoka exhibition at Stand 5.A27 at IBC in Amsterdam where we will be presenting all day from 14-18 September.

We’re expecting it to be a hectic show; so get please get in touch with Raflin, Wildmoka’s Marketing & Communications Manager today, to secure your meeting with Wildmoka.



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